‘Welcome to the first ever consensus meet on CSM designed by WFNS.’

Join , Discuss , Debate and Vote on those still unanswered questions on Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy.

Give your views on literature and Give your expertise and observations.

A full half day session on this hot subject for every Neurosurgeon in the Orange City and beware of Tigers!



Convened by : Dr J.K.B.C.Parthiban
WFNS – Spine Committee



Jutty Parthiban


PS Ramani


Mehmet Zileli


Abdul Hafid Bajamal (WFNS- Indonesia)

Ben Roitberg (WFNS – USA)

Mehmet Zileli (WFNS – Turkey)

Oscar L Alves (WFNS – Portugal)

Se Hoon Kim (WFNS – Korea)

Rui Reinas (Portugal)

Michael Fehlings (Canada)

BalaMurali ( NSSA – India)

Satish Rudrappa (NSSA- India)

Sajesh Menon (NSSA – India)

Sanjay Behari (NSSA – India)

Komal Prasad (NSSA- India)

Shashank Kale (NSSA – India)

Shradha Maheshwari (NSSA – India)

Sumit Sinha (NSSA- India)

Sumit Pawar (NSSA – India)

Dr. Vedantam Rajeshekhar



WFNS Spine Committee is committed to provide a guideline in the management of CSM. Recent papers by Michael Fehlings and coworkers on outcomes of CSM have been accepted by many organisations including AO spine. This meeting will further discuss some of the areas that need to be analysed and an eminent group comprising of members from WFNS Spine Committee and NSSA Neuro Spinal Surgeons Association,India are invited to participate and share their views with literature review.

There are 6 panels and each will headed by a moderator from WFNS Spine committee. Each panel will have 3 speakers. Each speaker will be given time to present the subject in given time , followed by discussion and conclusion. The final version will be submitted to WFNS spine committee.

The speakers are expected to make a completliterature survey and synthesis (only last 10 years, peer reviewed papers published in English) on particular subject. They must analyse the literature and present it with their final views. Personal experiences should not be presented solely, but its value with the world literature is expressed in the presentation. He/she will then need to present the conclusion of survey with some suggestions for statement regarding the topic.

The moderator will discuss the presentations and place it for conclusion among the panelists and finalise the final report for submission to WFNS Spine Committee.

Each panel will last for 45 minutes. Each speaker will talk for 10 minutes, discussion 10 minutes.

At the end of all the presentations the statements will be discussed by all panel participants and will be electronically voted. The format of the consensus is such that a statement with more than 80% positive reply rate will be approved, with less than 60% positive reply rate will not be approved. Those statements voted with a positive reply rate between 60 and 80% will be discussed again to possibly find an agreement.

Natural course of cervical spondylotic myelopathy

Key words: Type of clinical symptoms, which type of radiology and clinical tests, electrophysiology etc necessary.

Speaker 1: Natural course of cervical spondylotic myelopathy -Bala Murali

Speaker 2: Type of clinical syndromes and effect on the outcomes – Se- Hoon Kim

Speaker 3: Electrophysiology in diagnosis and decision making – Mehmet Zileli

Radiology and outcome relations

Key words: T2 hyperintensity, canal diameters, dynamic MR, CT

Speaker 1: Value of T2 hyperintensity on outcomes – Rui Reinas

Speaker 2: Value of canal diameters on outcomes – Sumit Sinha

Speaker 3: New radiologic techniques in CSM – Sumit Pawar

Conservative treatment or follow up

Key words: Facet injections, epidural and foraminal injections, epidural steroids, diagnostic Injections

Speaker 1: Value of surgery in mild CSM cases – Oscar L Alves

Speaker 2: Conservative treatment or follow up, or injury prevention – Komal Prasad

Anterior surgery for CSM

Key words: Anterior surgery indications, ACDF, corpectomy, oblique corpectomy, minimally invasive surgery, complications

Speaker 1: Indications and types of anterior surgeries for CSM – Sanjay Behari

Speaker 2: Complications of anterior surgeries – Satish Rudrappa

Speaker 3: Success rates of anterior surgeries – Sushil Patkar

Posterior surgery for CSM

Key words: Posterior surgery indications, laminoplasty, laminectomy and fusion, postlaminectomy kyphosis, minimally invasive surgery, complications

Speaker 1: Indications and types of posterior surgeries for CSM – Abdul Hafid Bajamal

Speaker 2: Complications of posterior surgeries – Se Hoon Kim

Speaker 3: Success rates of posterior surgeries – Ben Roitberg

Outcome measures and prognosis of CSM

Key words: JOA score, Nurick, SF-36, prognosis

Speaker 1: Outcome measures for CSM – Shashank Kale

Speaker 2: Clinical variables affecting prognosis – Shrada Maheswari

Speaker 3: Radiological variables affecting prognosis – Sajesh Menon